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# 1 07-08-2007 , 12:19 AM
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Apply blendshapes to a duplicate model

Hello, It's Tammy here. I have a question about applying blendshapes to duplicate models. But first, I would like to describe my scene in maya just to give people an idea of what I did so far:

My scene in Maya Unlimited 8.0:
It started as one character model I made and textured. I also placed bones and joints in the model to animate it with. Before I skinned the model, I made blendshapes for it, and I duplicated the model. I skinned each duplicate model, and the original one. I played around with the duplicates and the original model, and was trying to make one duplicate really short (the baby), the original (the child), and the other duplicate (the adult).

My question:
How can you apply the blendshapes of the original model onto a duplicate model without having to redo all the blendshapes the same way?

Thanks in advance

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Hey there Tammy,

there shouldn't be any problems in simply selecting the blendshapes and then the duplicate model and creating a new blendshape node.

In the attached image, I made the original (blue) then duplicated that to make the blendshape (yellow) and attached it to the blue(ball1 blendshape node). I then copied the original again (red) and attached the yellow one to it using a new blendshape node (ball2). It works fine.

Hope that helps,


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i understood your q diffrently.

just go to the duplicate option box and check -> sth like input graph or so...

right now im not in maya, but since blend shapes appear in the construction history you have to duplicate the history too.

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New way to duplicate models with blendshapes

Hi everyone! Thank you all for the help.

I found another way to copy the model with blendshapes and to make the model have the same animations as the original model (without adding bones and joints, and no skinning for the duplicates.) In order for this to work, your original model should be skinned, and have blendshapes.

It goes like this:
1. click you original model
2. Click Edit>Duplicate Special>Duplicate Special options box.
3. In the dialog box choose instance for the Geometry type, the smart transform box should be checked, and everything else should be left with the default settings (edit>reset settings).
4. Click Duplicate Special, and move your duplicate somewhere.

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