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Quadrangulating a warcraft model ?

I have a high poly scult that is made in Zbrush and trying to make it low poly by retopologizing. Before doing that i thought it would be good to see a game model. I used the world of warcraft model viewer, to examine the low poly game character build. Imported the model into maya, deleted all weaps and stuff. Now i want to quadrangulate this imported model but nothing happens. i tried every checkbox in the sub menu also... Tried to delete the edges manually on the model but it says border edges cant be deleted. Does anyone have any idea on how to quadrangulate this model?

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Try merge verts set at a low tolarance for starters then a clean mesh, then if that works clean up the mesh to quads manualy............dave

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ah ! couldnt think the pieces were not merged... tnx dave

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