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Character Model Problem

hi guys, sorry if this is in the wrong area, or a really newbie question

I have a problem with one of my characters. When I import it as an .mb, I cannot seem to be able to move it, scale or rotate it. The next problem is that it should be rigged but does not appear to be (I have another model (rigged) which imports fine and rigged). As I werent really sure what to do, I imported the .fbx version of the model to see the difference and the character was surrounded with circles but when i deleted them, i was left with the model undereath which was able to move and stuff, great. But then I rendered the current scene and the model (which was in a lit room with another model) came up black, whilst the other model with lit as well as the room.

does someone know why this is happening? i dont know if its me or the model I have. Im on a major learning curve so any help would be much appreciated user added image

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For your model to be black , that means you have to open up the UV editor and select your object.

The uv will pop into the viewer, and under the Textures rollout in the UV Editor it should show you a texture file you need to click and asign the texture to it. That is assuming you have the textures imported with the file.

Where is the original file coming from? I use to work at Autodesk as a QA for both the Max and Maya teams .

So I know the software for Max to Maya workflow rather well.

Post any screen grabs as well , we can get ou up and running.

The circles sound like they are part of the control rig .

When importing sometimes Maya will make the joints and controls to big.

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