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Character Rigging Problem

Hi, I'm trying to do an animated short for my animation class, due next week. I've been trying to fix this problem for weeks but I can't fix this and now I'm getting desperate. user added image

Basically, I have 2 problems with my character, Toyo.

1) Everytime I move my character, using the master control nurbs circle at the bottom (specifically on the Z axis), the body of my character keeps going down (and it seems to be taking the legs with it), or up depending on how it's being moved. For some reason, it's not aligned the rest of the body's orientation. Nothing I seem to do (parenting, constraining, etc.) seems to solve this.

2) For some reason, the arms ocassionally glitch and move forward on their own. I can fix this by just doing any sort of movement to them and it seems to reset itself, but I can see this becoming a big problem when animating them specfiically and making things look right.

I have uploaded the Maya File to Sendspace for you guys to have a hands-on view of the problem. Please, if anybody knows how to fix this, please tell me how to fix it. If you can fix it yourself, without too much trouble, please send me a PM message so I can give you my e-mail (I'd put it on this post, but I don't want spam) to send it back to me and tell me what was wrong (though I don't expect anyone to go through the trouble).

Thank-you and I appreciate any help you can give me.

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Hi SuperSparkplug, I'm not getting any of the problems you're experiencing. The only thing I see is that the pivot of the head control isn't on the joint, creating floating when you rotate it. It also seems like on the right leg, when you move the pole vector, the foot itself moves. This shouldn't happen.

Try deleting your preferences folder; start Maya, and it if asks, click "Create default preferences". Please note, your shelves will be deleted. (Might want to make a backup in case)

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