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# 1 15-03-2007 , 02:19 AM
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Character rigging problem

I'm rigging a character and i'm comfused.

I've been following the Digital tutors Character setup kit and i've stumbled across a problem.

I notice that when I move the hip control, it doesn't follow correctly. The bones move far quicker (and out of sync) than the control curve. This effects how the other curves react. This also effects My final 'global control'

How can I fix it without disconnection everything and taking what feels like 30 steps backwards...Is there a way it can be achieved in the attribute editor?

I've attached the file in question. Can someone have a look and tell me where I'm goin' wrong?



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# 2 15-03-2007 , 02:14 PM
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For some reason the root is not where it should be.

Delete the 'root_parentContraint1' node,select the root and hit insert, so that you can move it independantly, and snap it to the hip joint. Hit insert again to get the manipulator back to normal and shift select the 'hipcontrol' then attach a new parent constrain (constrain > parent), job done.

Take it easy,


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# 3 16-03-2007 , 04:59 AM
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Thanks for the reply.

I used your idea, seems to have done the trick.

I removed the constraint, unparented the root and hip joint and removed the old root joint.

It seems to be behaving how it should, for now.

I must have followed a step wrong on the video - my other rig has the same setup and works how it should...


Thanks again for your time...

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