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This course contains a little bit of everything with modeling, UVing, texturing and dynamics in Maya, as well as compositing multilayered EXR's in Photoshop.
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Make a model for real

Maybe some of you already know about 3D printing but for those who don't, it's technology that gives you the opportunity to take your 3D model and have it reproduced as a real model for a reasonable fee. Imagine that you build a really cool looking model. You can convert it to a DXF format then have an engineering company that owns a 3D printer reproduce the model in actual 3D!

Anyway, here is a link to a company that makes a really cool 3D printer. The printers start at about $26,000 but eventually the price will come down. In the mean time, there are engineering companies that use these printers to prototype their designs and many of them will print your model for a fee.

3D printer

There are other companies that make these printers but this one is the best one I've found so far.

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Yeah I've been thinking about that (not about doing it, just that the idea is pretty cool user added image ) but that would mean I would have to actually finish a model... user added image

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They have a 3D printer at the faculty where I study, costs about 50 euro per cm3 (sry, dont know if superscript is possible on this forum)


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Zcorp has offered to 3D print one of my models as a free demonstration:attn: The salesman told me that they print models from Maya with no problem. He also told me that if I give his a color map, he will print the model in full color. I haven't decided which model I want to give them yet. Right now I have a dinosaur, a robot and a caveman to choose from.

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Wow. That's pretty cool. A bit expensive though.

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Do you guys know how much it cost to get models made in 3D? Is it very expensive?


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I read somewhere that they can charge per square cm for the model you're printing so a teeny model will be a damn site cheaper than a big one user added image

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Thanks. I'm trying to find out if its cheaper to get 3D Rapid Prototyping done in the US as opposed to Australia. Its still very expensive to get done here. I got a price on a model about the size of a large bowl and it was going to cost $3000AUD about $2300USD.

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I just saw that you could win a print of your 3d model in 3d world.
But thats already 2 issues back:p
But i really think its awesom user added image

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3d printing is really expensive. i have had my tech project made by it for free - i think my teacher bullied them a bit into doin it. it does come out nice however they ballsed mine up a bit an wouldnt do it again and the just used poly filler to fix.:headbang:

but it u have a nice model its worth it but i would wait for the prices to come down first as they r insane

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Velusion; go with the dinosaur or the robot, not he caveman.

cheers user added image

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