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problem translating model

I was wondering if someone could help me out. I have made a human model out of polygons. I am using dynamic hair on my model. Since you cannot connect hair to polygons, I made a nurbs skull cap under the skin of my poly model. everything works fine, but when I translate the model the nurbs cap and follicles move at a different rate and may end up out of the camera gate with just a small movement.. I tried parenting everything to the model. I tried parenting everything to the follicles.. everything I know. I have seen these problems on models I downloaded when I first started with maya. It must be something simple but I cannot figure out what to do..

Any thought of solution would be appreciated.

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umm... parenting things to the follicles sounds like a bad idea - I'm pretty surprised it let you get away with it (if you're talking about the hair curves, anyways).
Probably the only thing I would have parented would have been the nurbs skull cap... And I would have either parented it directly into the skeleton heirarchy at the proper joint, or parent constrained it to said joint.
Mind, I have no great experience with charachter stuff, but a lot of the rigging work I've done for machines falls into the general heirachy category this does.

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hmm guess I need to do the skeleton and stuff first then.. I'll try that tomorrow hopefully. I'ts just that the follicles and the cap and the hair all move a different amount of grid units when I translate the model in any direction..

It's a human model I spent alot of time on... maybe I can post some screen shots tomorrow also..

thanks for the tip though I will try to parent to a skeleton.

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if your nurbs cap is moving differently than the rest of the model, try checking where your pivot point is... it might be back at the axis while the rest of the pivots of your model are centered on their individual objects... you can always move this by pressing the insert key and using the transform tool. most times when things move differently even though they're parented, the placement of the pivot is the culprit.

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wow thanks alot. seems that it was a combination center pivots and ...(don't laugh at me its not funny)....HISTORY.

I'm getting just knowledgable enough to make me dangerous.

again thanks alot for all your help.

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what is the tip for modeling a nose can anyone help me?
please tell me your way of modeling nose?

m.r subhash
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