Beer glass scene creation
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Irradiance Particles and refraction problem.

I'm rendering a scene with a wine glass and a square glass in a room. I'm using Irradiance Particles + FG + Importons in Maya 2014. Why am I getting this dark area at the base of the wine glass and also the glass? See image attached. I have tried everything to fix this but nothing works. If I use FG + GI this problem goes away, but I really like the look with Irradiance Particles and would prefer to render with that. The material is a mia_material_x and using the "thick glass" preset. Please help!



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There is a free tutorial on this site called "Glass Jug with NURBS and Dielectric Material" that covers modeling and rendering a glass jug. The instructor (Jay) applies a dielectric material to the jug and goes through tweaking the settings to get rid of the dark parts. I would be having a look at the second part of that.

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Re: Irradiance Particles and refraction problem.

Thank you. But I really need this fix for mia_material_x and Irradiance particles. I believe I have taken care of the obvious reasons why dark spots would occur (i.e. setting trace depth etc. etc.) This seems to be an IP problem specifically.

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I'm still using 2013 so I haven't gotten to mess around with the changes they made to irradiance particles, but I recall this was an issue previously with no work around. might be out of luck on this.

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Thank you. I'm affraid you are right. Oh well, I'll have to switch to FG + GI. :-/

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IP does not like going through geo even if it's transparent. I've also never found a work around.

Shame it still seems to be an issue with 2014 user added image

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