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Human IK Channel Box & Graph Editor problems

Hi, I've been using Maya's HumanIK function for my model for a game I'm building. I began doing some animation, but I'm running into multiple problems. I've noticed for a while now that moving the IK handles with values from the channel box is a complete waste of time. It is unresponsive to the Channel Box numbers and I have no idea why or how I can make it so it is. The only way to make the IKs move is to move or rotate them directly on the model with the basic manipulator tools.

Not only that, but did the animation, which for now is an idle breathing stance, between frames the animation moves on its own, beyond the scope of what I told it to move, even when its between two of the exact same frames. I haven't animated in a while, so I can't remember how I used to fix this, but since I know a bit more about animation now, I dabbled into my Graph Editor. Moving the curves have no effect on the animation either and I can't change the tangents nor use the smoothing handles.

I can't seem to find anything online suggesting how to fix this. The closest thing I found was something saying to change my Animation Settings in the Preferences to make the HIK curve default to Independent Euler-Angle curves, but that doesn't seem to work either.

Anyone have any clue how to solve this problem?

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you have to build control objects for moving joints, IKs and other stuff.
for unwanted movings i can only suggest to adjust curves in the graph editor. if that doesn'T help, maybe you have some issues because of animating with IK handles and not with control objects.

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