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nCloth on Bind skin

I am sorry if I'm asking a way too much questions.

I have a character already animated and bind skinned. What I need to do is to convert the mesh of the character into nCloth because I need the body to flap a little ( they are flying with high speed ) as they are falling. I have tried to convert the bind mesh to nCloth but at the moment I did it the influence of the rig is gone.

I have tired to duplicate the bind mesh and parent it to the rig and trying to set the rigged mesh to wrap deform the nCloth so I can have the movement of the joints. It doesn't work when I hit play and the mesh is getting crazy. (I have tried with the option "Max Distance" as well as " Auto Weight .... ")

I was wondering if someone of you know better and efficient way to do it. I was thinking of caching the geometry and then apply nCloth on the mesh with the cache but logically this won't be possible since the cache is burned on the vertex and nCloth works with vertex too.

I will try now with the new cache system called "Pipeline Cache" but if it doesn't work , almost sure it won't !

Does anyone of you had ever had the same problem or smarter solution ?!

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okey, the "Pipeline Cache > Alembic Cache " doesn't work !!!

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Wire deformed with joints riveted to the clusters. You can then apply a sin wave in the node editor to create the rippling. Without seeing your character it is hard to say how I would use ncloth if needed to. With ncloth you have multiple settings that control the connectivity of the chain based on radius and density. Keep in mind that ncloth also has presets for diff types of cloths.

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