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Rendering live footage


I have a scene in Maya with a camera move, a few 3D objects, Vray Sun and a background plane on which I mapped my live footage.

Using VRay, I've already rendered my 3D objects and shadows separately. Now I need to render the plane with the live footage alone, but I need it to render without being affected by the VRay Sun or the default lights.

I already tried playing with self-illumination, disabling the Sun, but the footage renders either too bright, too dark, or the colors are off. Is there a specific Vray or Maya material one should use when mapping live footage onto a plane, or something I'm not aware of?

Many thanks

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No one?

I remember in an old version of Maya, all you had to do was turn off the lights and put your footage material at 100% self-illumination. How come this doesn't work anymore? Any idea?


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I don't use Vray, but the self illumination technique should work, just make sure you've killed any diffuse weight the shader has(try a surface shader). Place the model in it's own render layer so you can omit the lights and or turn off any indirect illumination etc. Also is there a reason why you're rendering out a sequence of the live footage instead of just adding the live footage in post?

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Thanks, let me try that. Yes I have to render it in Maya for the camera move to be applied to the live footage. Also the plane is on the ground, so I have shadows and contact points with my 3D objects. Will try surface shader and render layer. Thanks!

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you don't need to use vray you could just switch to maya software or whatever... but even in vray just assign a surface shader, you don't even need lights.

...personally i'd just do this with projection in Nuke if thats an option.

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You're right of course! No need to use Vray to render that. Surface shader seems to work. I also disabled sRGB in my render settings (which changed the gamma).

I normally work with After Effects for the rest and sure, I could probably make it work there but I figured it's just simpler to use the Maya camera move.

Thanks again

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