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Reflecting Skies

Hi all.

I have a frustrating issue. To put it simply..... I need things to reflect custom sky textures but it isn't working for me.

I'm following video 11 in Exterior Lighting in Mental Ray.

In the office, we have a particular setup. It's a modifed sun and sky system. They've been using it long before I've been working there so don't know where they got it from. Maybe Creative Crash.

Anyway, the way we work is to initially load up the sun system scene and work from there. This means all of the render settings are set up and we change things if we need to.

In video 11, the guy makes a surface shader and eventually gets a chrome sphere to reflect the skydome texture by adding a few nodes. I've followed all that but in order to get it to work I need to change values like the RGB unit conversions, use a simple mia exposure node, not photographic, change framebuffer values in the render settings etc.

We need to use the photographic exposure, and I presume everything else we currently use.

So, now that's all been said. Can anyone help me get this to work while also keeping current settings?

I can send a basic version of the scene if needed.

I hope someone can help. I got excited when I saw that video but now I've become grumpy again. user added image



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Hi Sean, a cutdown version of the scene will help. It will give us an idea of how the MR sun and sky setup has been customised.

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