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# 1 04-11-2015 , 06:44 PM
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mila matte passes

I'm drawing a blank on the matte passes with mental ray for Maya 2016.

I get that checking the "Use Matte Passes" will set up a mentalrayOutputPass and mentalrayUserBuffer and mip_rayswitch that somehow come together to create a new render pass for each mila material.

What I don't get is how to create matte pass material sets. I click the button and am faced with the relationship editor. What do I put in the set? No matter what I do, there is no set rendered in a pass. In fact the new mentalrayOutputPass node that gets created has Renderable unchecked, and it always unchecks itself if I check it.

The documentation for this is worse than non-existant, because if I'm not mistaken this is all outdated:

And the relevant node is apparently deprecated:

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I'm in the exact same boat as stwert. Any insight would help. I've seen videos like this one by Daryl Obert where the matte pass option is simply clicked and things work out. This is not the case for me. When I check the individual render passes they're all copies of the beauty. I've also tried batch rendering and I get the same result. Every material is a mila material in my scene.

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