Complex UV Layout in Maya
Over the last couple of years UV layout in Maya has changed for the better. In this course we're going to be taking a look at some of those changes as we UV map an entire character
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Expression on Bend Deformer Problem

Hello all,

I recently used a bend deformer on a bunch of feathers on a bird model to simulate flying through the air without having to actually use dynamics.

On the bend deformer curve attribure I put

bend1.curvature = noise(time*2)*2;

The box showing the value of curvature turns purple and all is well. But then, when I re-opened my files, the box is now yellow, and I can't edit the expression. user added image

I think they all work on earlier files, prior to the time I sent the eagle off to have changes made to its rig. I don't know if that has anything to do with it, but the deformers I added after I got the rig back still work. I have the deformers in a group and that group is constrained to the joints of the bird. Now I need to edit the expression and I can't. It won't load in the expression editor.

If I go to the attribute editor to view the expression, it now says

unitConversion459.input = abs(noise(time*2)*2);

Help please.

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