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# 1 22-11-2016 , 10:16 PM
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Can Not Manipulate Polygons

So, I don't know what I've done. I'm operating on Maya 2016, and everything has been smooth sailing over the last few months. a couple weeks ago i stopped being able to manipulate vertices outside of their original form. I can't just click a vertice and move it. For some reason I can only move them within the perimeter of the object.

It's a student version, so I don't know if that makes a difference.

I've tried repairing it, uninstalling and reinstalling, and neither did the trick. Not sure what else to do.

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Any videos? Close Maya and rename your preferences folder (Maya will create defaults upon next startup), maybe there's a setting causing it.

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Where would I find the preferences folder?
are you talking about a distinct Maya Preference folder?

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bumping this thread.

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Hi, you'll find your preferences folder in wherever you installed maya to on your computer. You'll need to find the folder called '2016 or 2016 -x64' and inside that you'll see a couple of folders (prefs, presets, scripts, user.toolclips), make sure Maya is closed and then rename the prefs folder to prefsXXX or something like that and then open maya. It will create a new folder called prefs and reset everything for you.

Cheers, the Yeti.
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