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Reflections on NON subdivided meshes

Hi guys. Im learning how to render with Arnold, and i discovered that reflections are terribly represented in meshes that are not going to be smoothed, making the final result really bad.

Lets say, for example that i am making some greebles that of course, are not going to be smoothed, and i want reflections on em. The problem using Arnold is, to make reflections look correctlty you need to set a subdivision level in the Arnold tab, even if you dont want subdivisions. I played for hours with the Arnold tab, trying to get correct reflections without success. I tried to change the angle of the normals of the faces without success.

Also, the meshes are clean, they dont have bad geometry.

Im using a hdri skydome.

So, how do you add reflections with Arnold in non smoothed meshes??? is it even possible...?

This is a screenshot. In the right, you see the reflections applied but you can see how they are not continuos, in the cylindrical part. To fix that, the only way is to add subdivisions, but i dont want to do that, since these pieces are supossed to NOT be smoothed. Ideas on how to fix this?

Thanks in advance.

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