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Weird problem with meshes fixed by combining

Using Maya 2012. My issue is that a certain functionality is not working when I import into a game engine because of something happening in maya. It doesnt happen to all meshes, but the ones that it does I have discovered that it gets fixed by combining the mesh with something else, and then just deleting it.

SO, what things exactly could it be overriding that fixes the issue? I am hoping there is a easier way to fix it than going through all effected meshes and having to combine, delete, rename, reorganize.

I realize the issue is vague, but I am mostly interested in what combining two meshes could be doing.

Extra details: In the engine, the mesh colliders are ignored by raycasts on these problem meshes. But with the combine trick I mentioned, it resets something, making it work correctly. The odd thing is that the mesh collider, which uses the mesh info will still be working with rigidbodies, yet raycasts will not detect it, until after the fix. I am 100% sure it is something in maya, I've done a lot of tests. Very odd. Any ideas?

To help figure out the underlying issue, here's things I've tried:

Combine mesh with another, then delete extra.

Freeze Positions/Normals/Scale/Rotations.
Set normals to faces.
Flip normals.
Change Materials.
Change Scale.
Flush out vertex colors to nothing.
Deleting history.

All effected meshes at one point I used a ramp shader on, but I doubt that has anything to do with it.

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