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# 1 01-07-2003 , 04:30 PM
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Final Renders - July - Noobie

All of the noobie contestants have to post their final renders in this forum. You can also post them in your threads, but they must be posted in this thread as well to make sure they are not missed.

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# 2 28-07-2003 , 06:16 AM
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Final Render

I am so angry right now. I was called out of town, so I cant work in maya for a few days. I threw this together in a rush so I would have some kind of scene. It didnt go so well, as you can see, but, oh well, Im not here to win.

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# 3 28-07-2003 , 07:03 PM
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sadly i want be able to use my maya computer for a while so i am going to have to use this as a final render....i know its not finished or textured.. but i cant even put a simple shader to really sorry about that...
i am not even able to get a render from a better angle..
im really sorry about that....
i know there is no chance i will win because of this...but that is not the reason i enterd the challenge ...i had a great time doing this

so concider this my final render.

- TwEeK
# 4 30-07-2003 , 11:32 PM
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this wasnt supose to be the final rendering, but i will have to use it anyway

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# 5 31-07-2003 , 05:52 PM
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Redone it a little to make it a bit more tough. It might stand a little more chance in a fight now.

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