Beer glass scene creation
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# 1 15-08-2003 , 06:03 PM
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Paint effect not showing through glass in render

When I render my scene, the grass that I drew with Paint Effects does not appear through a "glass shader" that I created (Transparency set to white).

When I turn raytracing off, it does show through the "glass".

Be happy with some suggestions...

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try turning down the reflectivity of the shader.....

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i think it may be because the way paint effects works at rendering, it has some screwing with alpha, it thinks its not vissible even if the other geometry is transparent... wich leads to interesting times...

oh! and my favorite on the list of "things that should work and be pretty easy"... try to render a paint fx tree with lightfog coming from the rear...

the way to solve your problem would be converting the painteffect to polygons... some of ┬┤em convert smoothly (most not tough...)... and dont cover a big spot with grass it converts to LOTS of polys...

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I turned down the reflectivity (actually I turned it off) for the glass shader, but it the paint effects still did not appear.

By converting the paint effects to polygons, though, the problem was solved.

Still a bit baffled by why it should not show through the glass as a paint effects...

thanks for the help!!

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The main reason PFX does not show through transparent objects, is because PFX is a post process by nature.

Meaning that it renders last, AND (in these cases) overtop everything else.

Not always, but oftenuser added image

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