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# 1 07-10-2003 , 03:17 PM
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Missing input editor

When I create a new object or click on an existing one the input node box is missing (see screenshot). I tried resetting everything and turning history on and off etc to see if it came back but it is still missing. Any ideas on how I can retrieve it? I looked it up in a couple of books but they just talk about it 'being there' rather than MIA.

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# 2 07-10-2003 , 04:23 PM
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If you create the object with construction history off, then simply try to turn history on afterwards, the inputs aren't going to show up. You have to have it on before creating the object. Not sure what else it could be.

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# 3 07-10-2003 , 04:34 PM
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Oh I am a dufus I must have turned it off for some things I made. Not sure how or why I did that. Doh. I'll hide it. Thanks. I hate the way Maya can make one feel an utter fool!

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