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rotate a joint in opposite axis


Basically, I have created my skeleton for my figure and for the left arm I created a locator with some set driven keys to control certain hand movements, but rather than have to go and set the same hand movements up for the other arm I duplicated the arm (with upstream graph checked) and then scaled it to the other side of the body. This part all worked fine but when I went to rotate the new arm, it rotated in the opposite direction to the way I moved it.
So this is why I am after some kind of expression that I could attach to the joints to make then rotate correctly. So I need an expression that will tell the joint to rotate in the opposite way.

ant help or advise would be greatly appreciated
Regards, Dave

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It's generally not a good idea to duplicate and scale joints to mirror them. The only solution I can think of, aside from creating that part of the skeleton from scratch, is to freeze the joints' transformations, set their local rotation axis the way you want, and fix any errors to the Set Driven Key that might exist at that point.

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Thanks for your reply.

Is there any other way that I can copy my Locator with all the set driven keys over to the right arm so that I dont have to set them all up again?

cheers, Dave

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