Maya for 3D Printing - Rapid Prototyping
In this course we're going to look at something a little different, creating technically accurate 3D printed parts.
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Dinner Table Scene...

Hello All...

I am currently a student at Full Sail in Florida, and this was my final project submission in my Shaders and Lighting class. I had 12 hours to put together a scene using layered shaders and custom imported file textures.

The picture hanging on the wall was hand drawn by me and scanned in. The wood table is using the procedural wood texture in Maya.

I apologize for the simple looking models, but they wanted me to focus on the shading and lighting skills, not spend my time modelling. Eventually I will get a nice model library built up and can put together a more impressive final render.

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Hell don't apologies for the simple geo. Looks great with the simple geo. lighting, shading, and textures are way great. I really like the wood shader on the table. I know its procedural but I was wandering if there is a way for you to put in some lines on it. like the wood has bean peaced together. because for the wood grain to run like that would mean that it would be made out of several peaces glued together and thin finished down flat. At any rate..
This is top notch!

oh also the shadows are a little to in focus on the edges. The bowl in the middle, the bottom of it is to focused also. If your going for photo real, things in shadows are a little more out of focus.

Hope you don't take my little critiques hard. I wouldn't notice the real fine details unless it wasn't a great render and model.

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