Beer glass scene creation
This course contains a little bit of everything with modeling, UVing, texturing and dynamics in Maya, as well as compositing multilayered EXR's in Photoshop.
# 1 02-01-2004 , 12:05 PM
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LOTR challenge WIP

this is a bit more like it. Finaly figered out why the hair didn't render in the right place.

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# 2 02-01-2004 , 02:23 PM
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Hair is looking nice!
Any chance of a close up?

# 3 02-01-2004 , 06:52 PM
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whoa, the horse is floating, does it fly now? :p

aim: rabidflamingo
# 4 02-01-2004 , 11:14 PM
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hmmm this looks familiar....user added image
Lookin' good, especailly the hair! I only think tht the tail is a bit odd (or I am? who knows user added image). Keep on rockin' !

# 5 03-01-2004 , 12:54 AM
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Oooo, looks painfull user added image Good job it's a well fed horse and there is a little meat arround the whithers, hihi. Looking nice Pony, is the horse going to be at a full gallop? If so take into consideration that the pose of the rider will also change.

# 6 03-01-2004 , 01:25 AM
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Chris thanks, I'll work on it. I'm wanting to get some hair back on the horse and have all of it render.

soulcialism, LOL no not fly. but thanks for catching that for me. was a mistake.

Sil-Valeor, thanks. Yes the tail looks very odd. It dosn't have any hair on it. thats on the top of my list. See, problem is when its convered to geo from PFX so it will render in MR, I take a really big hit on render time and ram.

IceQueen, Thankyou very much. what do you meen buy painfull ? Is it good ? LOL yep well fead. yes gallop or canter (sp?) and yeah will be more pose work for both.

# 7 03-01-2004 , 04:46 AM
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Cool. so it continues on.

# 8 03-01-2004 , 12:14 PM
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Good job!

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