TopoWrap, from unPLUG Tools, is a new procedural topology transfer tool for Maya. It works on Maya 2016 and higher versions for Windows, Linux, and macOS. TopoWrap offers similar but simpler tools than ZBrush’s ZWrap, with the selling point that it’s implemented inside Maya at a much cheaper price. Single user licenses start at $45, with multi-user licenses available for studios. Learn more here.

Key features:

  • Create/Wrap/Project Detailed Template ReTopo Models Accurately & Precisely on to Hires Raw Scan Model Data.
  • Bake Hires Textures to your Retopo Model from Raw-Scan models .
  • Full control over Projection mapping & smoothing etc.
  • Create Matching Topology Marker points for laying basic Topo guides for the Tool.
  • Precise control over Marker points distribution & editing.
  • Mirror Marker points, Append or Delete points.
  • Exclude local Areas & Regions from Projection-Snapping, useful for preserving Volumetric-mesh data-parts like inner-mouth, teeth, gums, tongue, eye sockets, nose cavities etc..
  • Paint exclude Projection-Snapping tool.
  • Paint Relax tool for smoothing out rough surfaces.
  • Export & Import Marker data for already created / Existing Marker points. for reusing onto different models.