26-07-2016 Record-breaking opening weekend for Incredibles 2

Record-breaking opening weekend for Incredibles 2

Pixar's latest animated feature broke records at the box office, taking in $180 million in the US and Canada on its opening weekend. The previous record for an animated film was Finding Dory, which made $135 million on opening weekend. Internationally, the film made another $51.5 million totaling 231.5 million.

The much anticipated film is the sequel to the 2004 original, which follows a family of superheroes forced to hide their powers and live a quiet suburban life. Both films are written and directed by Brad Bird. Working on the sequel he faced many challenges. One of them was distinguishing the script from the many superhero movies and tv-shows created in the genre since the first film. He was also tasked with finding replacement for many of the voice actors who starred in the original.

As Pixar swapped the release dates of Toy Story 4 and Incredibles 2 Bird's film lost a whole year in production. This led to that many of the plotlines and ideas had to be cut from the final version. However, this might not be a bad thing. Bird has stated that this could lead to a third installment in the movie franchise.

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