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# 1 10-05-2005 , 11:40 PM
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Crawling paint FX shadows

Hi everybody,

Thanks for the tips on the alpha channel for the paint FX- it's finally working. There seems to be some problem with the paint FX shadows though. Things look ok when everything's still, but the shadows seem to start dancing or crawling when movement of any type happens, whether it be due to wind on the paint FX or a deformation of the surface on which the curves are painted. Here are two one-second quicktimes (about 6mb each):

In the first one only the palm trees are swaying, and the dancing shadows are most visible in the middle clump of trees. The second one is a deformation of the entire island, and the dancing shadows are visible everywhere, especially in the shrubs. I apologize for the brevity of these clips, but it's all I had time to render.

# 2 17-05-2005 , 05:40 PM
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I don't know but it kind of reminds me of a self shadowing problem. Maybe you could try off setting the shadow bias. Change it from .000 to .010 . That usually works for me.

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not sure about the 2nd one but he first one just looks like a sampling rate problem up your sampling and also any shadow maps you are using, up their resolution that should help

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