Maya for 3D Printing - Rapid Prototyping
In this course we're going to look at something a little different, creating technically accurate 3D printed parts.
# 1 17-11-2005 , 11:47 PM
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Tools problem


I don't know really how to explain this but i will try.
How can i change the size of the tools?
meaning where you stretch move and rotate, can't even see the rotate tool because it is so big and the move and strecth tool is so big i gotta zoom alot out to get the arrows and squares so i can move n stuff. just happened all of a sudden and i it's really annoying, hope someone can help me.

# 2 17-11-2005 , 11:58 PM
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hit the + or - key to re-size

# 3 18-11-2005 , 07:15 AM
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And maybe thinking about your scaling of your models?

You should not model too small in Maya...

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# 4 18-11-2005 , 10:14 PM
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thanks guys

# 5 19-11-2005 , 11:41 AM
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By the way,

I know this could sound stupid, but I'm curious... I wonder all the time about the size of my models. How big should they be? Not bigger than the grid, for example? Once I modeled a house, with a mountain behind. The mountain was so big I couldn't even see it in the perspective view (half of it disappeared). If I model a small object, let's say a pencil, with lots of details, I would probably scale it in a comfortable size. But then, what about if I want to model the rest of the objects, a table, chairs, even a whole room? They would be too big. I don't know, I'm still wondering...
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# 6 02-12-2005 , 01:08 PM
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Originally posted by BMS
hit the + or - key to re-size

default where ıs mause alıas maya....:headbang: :headbang:

# 7 02-12-2005 , 08:52 PM
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Hmm, my modelst tend to be (for organic humanoids) about 50-60 units tall. The grid is 10x10 units.

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