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Problem with NURBs booleans

*What's the problem?

I have attempted to use a boolean to cut out part of a NURB cylinder, however it will not do anything. I don't have the problem if I use polygons but polygons aren't supported by the system the model will be used in.

*What happened when the problem occured?

Absolutely Nothing, unfortunately, not even an error message.

*What were you doing when the problem arose?

Trying to use boolean difference command (then all of the other boolean commands just to check)

*What are your system specs?

4GB RAM, 3.0GHz (x4) processor, 1GB VRAM, Windows Vista Ultimate

*What version of Maya are you using?

Maya 8.5 Unlimited

Any ideas as to what I can doot fix this? Maybe a MEL script to solve the problem?

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You can't use booleans on NURBS.

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if you need to remove a section of a nurbs cylinder, perform a trim.

at the objects' intersection you can project a curve on surface (from the other object) and then proceed with the trim.

Accept no substitutions.

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