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# 1 01-08-2006 , 07:32 AM
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Maya 8 :)

# 2 01-08-2006 , 08:36 AM
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Re: Maya 8 :)

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# 3 01-08-2006 , 12:31 PM
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Hmm... To be honest I'm not very exited about the new features they list here:

Nothing that I couldn't live without. I would have been a lot happier if the list contained a line saying "All old bugs and quirks have been fixed"...

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# 4 01-08-2006 , 12:37 PM
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Yeah Kbrown I agree, IMO it looks like its been rolled as Maya 8.0 more for getting autodesk's name on it.

Might be me being sinical.

# 5 01-08-2006 , 02:11 PM
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Maya working faster and addressing more memory sounds nice...but thats about it so far...

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# 6 01-08-2006 , 02:43 PM
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more like 7.5.... sheesh.

besides 64bit support, nothing really innovative but MR core.
but some handy features poly UV'ing and particle stuff.
its ready up for download for platinum members.

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# 7 01-08-2006 , 09:44 PM
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Man I'm still on Maya 6.0 user added image

# 8 02-08-2006 , 01:27 AM
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Wodner if i'll be getting a e-mail from Autodesk about a free upgrade soon then?..
Just bought Maya 7.0 like a week or so ago, and the reseller told me that they'd probably give me a free upgrade if the mentioned the new release at Sig...

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# 9 02-08-2006 , 08:22 AM
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I'm agreeing that it's more of a roll out to get the Autodesk name recognized with the software. There's not enough there to make me want to spend what little cash I have on an upgrade!! I quite like the new logo though!!


# 10 02-08-2006 , 07:58 PM
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Mainline X

Holy crap dude, its been a while.

Maya 8, hhmmm!! waste of time, not alot really to be had there to want to make me upgrade.

But Zbrush 2.5, that makes up for it!! Check out the movies here and watch and wonder why Autodesk bothered with their effort...

Plus us dudes who bought Zbrush 2.0 get a free upgrade, I do believe thats 2 FREE upgrades in 3 months for me Mwhahahahahaha!!

Cheers All

# 11 02-08-2006 , 08:03 PM
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cough ::: i think a dudettee cough ..bought jay's

sorry had to give credit to the lady lol

i had too jay lol user added image

# 12 02-08-2006 , 08:07 PM
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Yeah shes a good girl LOL. Check those Zbrush movies, and feel your jaw drop into your lap

Cheers Dude


# 13 04-08-2006 , 09:25 AM
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Hey, I don´t understand your comments.
Maya 8 is a fantastic program. THE BEST PROGRAM!!!
The features are awesome, when you look at that way.
It is normal that they don´t talk about buks and things we really don´t want. (I have maya since 4 months, but I know them all (in this short time)! Or talk you about your mistakes?
It is to early, to say we need a better program.
If anybody can tell me, only one needed feature, what we really wan´t in Maya, then i shot my mouth forever!
Maya is so big that nobody can be perfect in everything.

# 14 04-08-2006 , 09:45 AM
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I'm not really sure what you're trying to say there Mayastatic.

I think that the point that most of the people who have commented on the new version of Maya are trying to convey is that there are not enough new features to warrant a full version release, the upgrades that they have made are really more suited to a .5 release.

Most of the improvements they have made seem to be pointed at the Maya pipeline and productivity which will benefit a production company but have no great effect on improving the software from the operators perspective.

Incidently, how did you get hold of Maya 8 four months ago?



# 15 04-08-2006 , 09:52 AM
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I think the point that people are making is that Maya 8's new features are not essential or really great upgrades to the programme from Maya 7 and therefore dosent really warrent the money for the upgrade, almost like people will upgrade just to have the Maya 8 name and not for the added features that it has. (although if 64 bit is a big issue for you then this could be a good feature)

If you have Maya 8 then you might know some big differences, in, say, speed, addressing memory etc that makes it much better than 7.0


Matt - Sorry for going over your point, I must have been typing whilst you posted

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