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# 1 24-02-2007 , 07:40 AM
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no mental ray in render settings

when i was working on a tutorial to make a Glass shader and i was just about to make some render engine settings i went up to choose Mental ray in the "render using" scroll window. but it wasnt there!

i know i havent done any weird new settings and ive also reinstalled everything but still it isnt there.. why?

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# 2 24-02-2007 , 07:51 AM
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Very easy user added image that should help:
go to window -> settings/preferences -> plug-in manager and then select Mayatomr.mll
That happens sometimes user added image

# 3 24-02-2007 , 07:55 AM
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ok i will try that.. right now im trying to reinstall it again cuz i had some wierd files in the Mentalray folder, i think it was a Skin shader that didnt work.. if the reinstall doesnt work i will try it ty for the quick answer

# 4 24-02-2007 , 10:24 AM
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try searching the forums b4 u post. these r common issues.
rtm too.

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