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# 1 07-06-2006 , 05:22 PM
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Mental ray does not render

when I try rendering with Mental Ray, the render view just appears blank.

On the Help line, there's this error saying "Error: (mental ray) : /Applications/Alias/maya6.0/ load failed, "

What does that mean?

I'm using Maya 7 on OSX.

I tried it on my colleague's Maya 6 and it was ok.
How can I copy, if it's legal, the Mental Ray plugin from my colleague?

# 2 07-06-2006 , 11:12 PM
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I don't think that you can transir the file over as i'm pretty sure that the mantal ray licence is for the maya licence your using.

I'm sure you've loaded the mental ray via the preferences and are rendering via the render view or batch render (rather than the command line)?

If so you might need to have a look at the help files as they might shed some light on the matter (but I bet you've done this already) other than that the only thing I could suggest is to reinstall Maya and give it a go from that. otherwise contach alias to see the advice thay have on the matter.

Sorry I couldent be more specific.

# 3 14-06-2006 , 02:53 AM
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