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Mental Ray & Maya Software Render Layers

Hi, i'm quite new to this forum so sorry if this has been asked before!!

This problem is driving me nuts!!

I am currently in the middle of rendering my character, which has paint effects hair and is a subd model.

I wanted to render my entire character in mental ray, but of course paint effects can't be rendered in mental ray!!! And to top that off, I cant (rather I don't want to) convert pfx to polygons unless I want my rendering and viewport to completely slow down.

So i was wondering if I could configure render layers to render the hair seperately in maya software and the body in mental ray. Trying to composite layers outside of maya hasn't worked for me, since the back bit of the hair obviously goes in front of the face, if you know what I mean.

Would anyone have any solutions to my problem as I've got to start rendering my final animation soon?

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you need to use the "black hole" matte opacity on the head model shader when you are rendering the hair. This will cut the model out of the alpha of the hair so you can layer the hair on top. that way you can render them separately

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Thanks for replying lightning fast!!! I'll try it out now user added image

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