Introduction to Maya - Modeling Fundamentals Vol 2
This course will look in the fundamentals of modeling in Maya with an emphasis on creating good topology. It's aimed at people that have some modeling experience in Maya but are having trouble with complex objects.
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Question {Please Read}

Hello I am new to this forum and have a quick question on Maya. I have been following a Video Tutorial by Digital Tutor that one I am following is on Interior design.

My "problem/question" is that when he converts Polygons to SubDiv he has 3 different stages of the object. (View Image for this)

Step #1. This is the original shape before it is converted
Step #2. This is after he converts to Polygons to SubDiv
Step #3. Somehow he gets a much smoother shape by either deselecting the shape or some how dragging his mouse off the object...

Now I tried to do what he did but as you can see in the image. Mine only gets up to step 2. When I render I get the results as his step 3. But I don't get the results in the normal modeling view.

Does anyone know either how he did this or is there a way to do it? I think maybe its either a preference in Maya that he has, which I don't. Or that my graphics card isn't as good...Anyone know?

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Try hitting 3 on your keyboard.
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Thanks it worked now (For some reason it didn't work before)

Cheers user added image

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Jr. Who, this really is your day for answering questions, isn't it =D?


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Meh, I try. user added image

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