Substance Painter
In this start to finish texturing project within Substance Painter we cover all the techniques you need to texture the robot character.
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Game development

Hi, my friends i'm currently working with 1 3D artist, 1 programmer on a game that we develop. We have world map , basic story and a lot of models to be done... The work is non-paid but it is good piece of portfolio and if we manage to make it up to the market will bring us cash ... anyone who is interested joining in our team PM me...
I must say that we are workin` really hard ... i'm spending about 10-12 h per day ... so it won't be an easy one user added image

10x for the reading and wish you all the best Simply Maya

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tell a bit more about it, no one will help if no ones what it is about

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Mainly the story goes ...

The game is based on Torque game engine. I've myself test the engine export some 3D models from Maya and test them how they can act in the game... They handle brilliant. I've not yet tested how the character and animation will go on but now i'm workin` on that...

So the game is RPG and here is some of the story:

Your ship crushed and you are survivor on an island... Then your jurney start ... Your location is near a forest then you go into that forest and meet a man who was sitting infront of a campfire. Then he explain you more about the island and you are ready to start... There are some instance like : Main town, Tower, Village, Lost city , Graveyard , Nimf island , Hidden island, Griffin place... and many more to come ... we have started a Tavern 1/2 is modeled and now we are makin` the main character just to get it in the game and the programmer start to test the engin indeep... I can tell you more about the story and the game ..., present you some workflow for now and the world map ( in bet version ) . The project is big and we started it about 1 week ago si it's still fresh and we are searching for more 3D artist so that the game can be more beautiful and more detailed. We are not going for something very big ... Mainly for a first game we are thinking of not so big world ... with lets say 5 to 10 instance that you can visit, complite qutest, fight, get weapons etc.... Our main idea is in details and the gameplay. If we manage to do the work that we develop on paper for now we could handle continue of the game ... lets say our hero go to another land etc user added image

For now that... if anyone interested and have free time PM.

@ mastone

Thanks for the comment buddy user added image user added image


I didn't mention that we are searching for people with some exp @ modeling,texturing,animation... we are not searching for begginers. By exp. i'm not saying that they must be work somewhere or something like that ... i mean they have good skills :p

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Do you have a website or can you upload some picks of what its progressing like?


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I would certainly be interested, though I cannot animate. I can certainly model and texture though.

Idk if I am what you are looking for, but I think I could help alot

pm ME if you would like my help, hehe.

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@ antiant

We are just at the begining so we don't have any website , we are just testing everything before the real work go on ... i think in month or two we could afford makin` a website and show some progress. Still now it's hidden user added image


So you think i'm pro artist... there is much to learn .. check your PM user added image

thx for the comments

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heh, I have absolutely no skill whatsoever in any of that yet, but I could test the game for bugs, if you like?

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For now we are not looking for testers... When there is open beta we will need them

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