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# 1 30-10-2012 , 11:44 PM
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Maya Plug-in Question (looking for one)

Looking for a plug-in that is basically a modeling tool for polys in maya.

I'm not sure if you use other apps, but once you make a poly cube with default subdivisions.. and move it and edit it with the scale tool or whatever.. you cannot add subidivisions back to the geometry evenly and quickly, in Maya, as you can in other apps.

Anyone know of any plug-ins that give the ability to do this?

thanks folks.

# 2 31-10-2012 , 02:31 AM
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Sure you can. In the channel box, click on pCube1, under inputs.

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That disappears after you edit the shape using the scale tool and other things.

any other ideas or plug-ins recommendations?

# 4 31-10-2012 , 04:44 AM
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If you use a lattice deformer you can pull verts around that way to get a basic shape and still increase the subdivisions.

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# 5 31-10-2012 , 05:47 AM
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nah.. don't want to use the deformer. Just want to add subdivisions evenly to the object after I edited the shape.

frustrating.. softimage can do it.. and from ive seen 3ds max can do it..

Just hoping there's a plug-in someone knows about that is able to do this..

# 6 07-11-2012 , 06:59 AM
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i'm not use max or other 3d programs before but may be is this point the 3ds max stronger than maya at modeling?

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