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Combining UVs

Hi everyone!

I'm pretty new to Maya and I'm trying to think of the best way to map my UVs in Maya and apply textures in C4D. I attached the look of the textures I'm trying to achieve. I have a building with a bunch of separate objects I want to apply different materials to. For every object I'd like to apply an individual texture to but in addition I want to apply an overall texture (the grafitti). Now I'm wondering how to go about it. Combining and laying out the individual UVs?

I hope my question is understandable... I basically am trying to apply individual texture to individual objects and have an overall texture go across all of them. Any help is appreciated :0 Thank you guys already!!

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I don't know why no one has replied to your post. Esp after 900 views...

But just uv your model in Maya, and export as obj.
The obj comes in with the correct uv layout and you can texture in cinema 4d.

Do any layering of textures in cinema.


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Check out UV sets. In addition to the typical UV layouts for each object, you can perform a UV projection on a selection of multiple objects into a new set that serves as your "graffiti" layout. So the objects can use the same graffiti texture map layered into their individual shader setups.

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Thanks guys! Thats the way I did it and it worked great!!

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