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Layered Shader / Layered Texture Animation

Maya Ver: 2020.2

Setup: Layered Shader (also tried a Layered Texture hooked up to a blinn color), two layer nodes that have textures, Compositing Flag is Layer Texture, select Frame 1 on timeline, layer node 1 is selected, right click transparency (0%, black) and set key, move to frame 2, change layer node 1 transparency to 100%, set key (which reveals Layer Node 2).

Problem: Trying to understand why I see my desired output when I render but when I scrub though the timeline I don't see any change in the perspective view. How can I playblast if this isn't being shown in realtime?

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I'll leave this post here if anyone runs across the same issue. Under Alpha in the layer texture node right click "Layer is visible" set key, move to the next keyframe, uncheck the box and set a key... that's how it works and I don't see a single red keyframe when I do that... it works but doesn't show up visually. Hey Maya, stay classy.

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