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In this course we're going to look at something a little different, creating technically accurate 3D printed parts.
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The most important methods of professional translation

How many times have you wanted to translate a paragraph from one language to another that you do not master, and you relied on Google translate, but in the end you got an unsatisfactory, unsatisfactory translation that lacked accuracy?
german translation in dubai You may now try to count the number, or you will suffice with saying: a lot, as the translation service from “Google” and other sites depends primarily on machine learning and the abundance of language content that is to be called for translation. Based on this point and to obtain the highest possible quality of your translations, we will review during this report a group of important sites that help you in this.
SDL Translator.. Pioneering language services for 25 years
SDL Network is a leading network in digital content management services and language services for more than 20 years, providing many digital services, such as: content management and providing powerful solutions for managing and creating digital content and ensuring its suitability for use, and translation tools that provide Simple high-quality translation, as well as live translation services carried out by more than a thousand translators, engineers and experts to translate content in the best way and with the highest possible accuracy.
SDL network services are used by more than 79 companies and organizations among the top 100 brands, such as: Japan's Panasonic Electronics Corporation, Cisco Systems, a leader in networking equipment and information technology, and Philips Inc. Philips) that specializes in electronics and home appliances, the Japanese Casio company that specializes in the electronics industry, Sharjah Media Center, CNN, Best Western hotel chain, and many more.
The network provides the ability to listen to the pronunciation of the paragraphs or sentences that have been translated, and also provides the possibility of translation via smart phones through applications compatible with different operating systems. To go to the translation site of the "SDL" network from here, and to download the network application on Android phones from here, and for Apple phones from here.
Bing Translator.. Microsoft's Intelligent Translator
Microsoft has prepared Bing to compete with Google's translation service. Microsoft supports its translation service with advanced technology used in Microsoft Office, Skype and Internet Explorer, in addition to smart technology used by some Microsoft partners such as WeChat and Twitter. , Yelp, eBay, and others.
"Bing" provides the possibility of text translation of words, sentences and paragraphs with a maximum of 5 thousand words at a time, translation supports more than 60 languages, including: Arabic, English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Bengali, Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch and Filipino, as well as Chinese, Korean, Greek and Hebrew And Hindi, in addition to Indonesian, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian and others.
The site allows you to listen to translated phrases aloud to learn how to pronounce them, in addition to translating multi-party conversations, which enables you to easily have conversations with people who speak languages different from your mother tongue. The site provides a unique application with more than 5 million users, which enables you to use various translation services via your smartphone.
The app features camera translation of text within images and screenshots, as well as phrasebook interpretation of saved translations and pronunciation guidance to help you learn important phrases in foreign languages while you travel. In addition to the ability to search for alternative translations and different meanings of words to get the best translation to express yourself, with the ability to download languages to use the application without the need to connect to the Internet. To go to the Bing website from here, to access the application for Android phones from here, for Apple phones from here, and for Microsoft phones from here.
legal translation dubai Promt Online Translator.. Bringing together different translation platforms
PROMT-Online was developed and launched in 2000 as the first online translation service provided by Smart Link, which has become one of the leading companies in linguistics and translation services. At first, the site consisted of a text editor that only supported translation into 5 languages with about 12 language combinations, then more languages and various technical tools were added, such as: virtual keyboard, spell checker, and others.

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