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After Effect

Just wondering if I use Maya, is After Effect the best for compositing?
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Not nessicarily the "best", but like any 3D application, there are 2D compositing apps that do different things.

So, it really depends on what your shot needs.

I personally like After Effects, but I'm thinking of getting Combustion when I get the money.

The demo just blew me awayuser added image

I own Commotion Pro v3, and it's outdated now due to a version upgrade, and an ownership change/buyout by Pinnacle Systems, but IT ROCKED for everything I needed at the time.

it's got a GREAT tracker, and roto-splines that are so good, that the now-defunct MILL FILM used it exclusivly to roto, and composite all the shots for THE GLADIATOR.

If you have compositing-specific questions, one of our newest members, Paul, has a compositing forum site called:

Talk to Hugh, he is thier resident After Effects guruuser added image

Check SM's links page for thier linkuser added image

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