Introduction to Maya - Modeling Fundamentals Vol 1
This course will look at the fundamentals of modeling in Maya with an emphasis on creating good topology. We'll look at what makes a good model in Maya and why objects are modeled in the way they are.
# 1 05-02-2004 , 06:15 AM
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Where do people get perfect reference pics of dogs?


Just wondering, if anyone own a yellow lab, pug or a rotweiler?

If so...can you send me a perfect side picture? I can't get get my ex's dog to stand still. I do have a calendar of the front head.

Side pug and rotweiler anyone?

Or if you know any link...

Thanks a bunch.

# 2 05-02-2004 , 01:58 PM
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Try searching thru google for something like 'yellowlab/pug/rotweiler side reference pictures'. You'd be surprised as to what you will find. user added image As for a spefic link, sorry. Cant help you there. user added image

- Hybrid
# 3 07-02-2004 , 07:05 AM
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Got a camera? user added image

Dave Baer
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