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texture reference objects and subdivs

Hi All,

I posted this one to the Effects and Textures forum, but no-one had an answer, so I thought you might be able to help me here.

I'm working on a character whose head is made up of two surfaces. One is a NURBS and the other is a SubDiv. They are textured with the same shader which uses the procedural cloud texture, and I don't want to convert it to a file texture if I can avoid it.

I have made a separate texture reference object for both surfaces.

When the NURBS surface moves or deforms, the texture moves with it as it should, but when the SubDiv moves or deforms, the texture stays put, so the surface moves through the texture as though there were no reference object present.

As the rest of the model is NURBS, and behaves as I expected, I assume there is something different about using texture reference objects with SubDivs.

Can anyone help me out?

Many thanks.


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