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Separate Subdivs To Their Own Objects and Convert to Polygons

So after the great help I got with my last question. I thought I would ask another.

So I am creating polygons with a set number of subdivisions. For instance a window pane I created has 10 vertical and 10 horizontal subdivisions. Is there a way to convert each subdivision to it's own object? I've been splitting the faces, but they are still part of the originally created object. I want each subdiv to be it's own object. I've tried unGroup and unParenting them, but it doesn't do anything.

The end result is I want the glass to be a bunch of random shaped polygons that fit together to make a window pane. So that when I attach physics to the objects, they can be blown apart into little fragments.

Hopefully this all makes sense, and someone can point me in the right direction.



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I think what you are looking for is "shatter effect" its under dynamics, effects. I cannot tell you how to use its as I have never done one. .............dave

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Select faces and go to mesh>extract


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Once again Dave, you nailed it. I had to find a tutorial to get the work around for the scripting error that is apparently common in Maya. But the solid shatter effect with rigidbody worked like a charm.

Thanks again Dave.

If anyone else needs to know. You have to clear your object's history with the object applied to apply the solid shatter effect without getting the error.

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