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Convert subD to Poly Question.

I hope this question is not so dumb, no one will respond to it. But I am trying to convert a subD to Poly. I created a SubD sphere just to use to debug this problem. I then used "Modify>convert>subdiv to polygons", and selected the attributes window, I reset the parameters, then selected "vertices" for the "Tesselation Method" and "level" set to "0" and "Original Object" set to "Show". Then I select the "Apply" button. If I keep the viewport in wireframe I can see both objects but they are not separate. If I move one, I move both. I want to be able to move them separately. I tried to unparent them, and can not. I am new to working with SubD this conversion, and obviouly need your help very badly. I did try and use "F1" but the way Maya's Help reads, if I select "show" I should have two separate objects, HELP!!.
The actual project I'm working on has to do with skinning, and in this viedo they convert a SubD model (human) to poly, and they are able to move the poly and the subD is still there, separate, mine does not do that, so I tried it with a simple sphere and still no luck. Thanks in advance. 8-) Mike

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Have you tried deleting the history on them?

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Hi, Yes I have deleted History before and after the conversion, no luck. I also tried to select them separatly in the outliner and also tried to unparent them, but no luck. Are you able to create a subD sphere and convert as per my original link and then have the Poly and the orginal subD behave as two seaparte objects? Thanks for taking time for me!!! 8-) Mike

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