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# 1 29-04-2004 , 03:29 PM
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XP and 2000

im currently using windows 2000 but im thinking of upgrading to XP because a lot of programs now are designed for XP specifically which is starting to get annoying

do you htink XP Pro is stable enough to upgrade to? or should I just stick with 2000 for the time being?

- Simon

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# 2 29-04-2004 , 03:30 PM
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win 95 rocks!

# 3 29-04-2004 , 03:43 PM
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I use 2k haven't found anything that wont run on it yet.

Except MS's really feeble media player plus.

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# 4 29-04-2004 , 03:43 PM
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Hey nem...I currently run windows XP (but not for long) and I can honestly say that Win XP isin't as stable as win2000. (My personal opinion) I always seem to get problems with xp...don't know why...and the only operating system that I find stable is win2000(once again my personal opinion).

# 5 29-04-2004 , 03:56 PM
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just out of interest ... didnt we have this post a few weeks ago? or was that on another simplysite?

# 6 29-04-2004 , 05:27 PM
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... to me XP is rock solid and loads more easily configured to do whatever you want it to do... specially on drivers issues...

# 7 29-04-2004 , 05:30 PM
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i just upgraded to XP pro and i'm thinking of switching back to w2k... been getting these strage lock-ups lately where the only option is to hard-reset the machine.

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# 8 29-04-2004 , 05:41 PM
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W2k all the way, have never been able to stand XP. It trys to be clever and hide everything. Its just to suck to mention.
# 9 29-04-2004 , 05:55 PM
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im i the only XP user that has never seen a blue screen or had the system locked?user added image

# 10 29-04-2004 , 07:02 PM
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i use 2k and its fun

# 11 29-04-2004 , 07:11 PM
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I have 5 pc's and they all run xp ...never had a problem or a blue screen on any of them ...I find xp really stable.

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# 12 30-04-2004 , 09:51 AM
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I had firstly 2k and I loved it but then updated it to XP. I used XP about 3 months and then swiched back to 2k because XP wasn't stable.

sorry about bad english !

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# 13 30-04-2004 , 11:16 PM
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Originally posted by Kevin
win 95 rocks!

Maya works in 95?user added image

# 14 01-05-2004 , 03:03 AM
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hmmm..... I use XP as long as i can remember myself using Maya, never had a problem with it... although it does have a tendency to shut itself down after some long hours of work(I think I'm not the only one like that.... ),... but as long as you save your files regulary.... you are good to go..
I don't see any reasons why not to upgrade to win xp..
good luck.

# 15 01-05-2004 , 08:48 AM
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i use XP... never locked up on me, i leave my system on for weeks at a time and no crashage, get a bit of slowdown after a couple weeks of it being on... well, MAJOR slowdown but it works fine.

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