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Mental ray crashes

why Mental ray crashes when rendering a heavy scene. I had a file in which I duplicated a detailed
cartoony building 20 times and trying to render it with global illumination it crashes. same file is rendered
in RenderMan with global illumination, it takes time but it renders . I dont want to render
any raytracing things nor texture any objects in RenderMan because it is not user friendly
and at least for me it is not user friendly as compare to maya's mental ray and hypershade.

I just need any optmization or some way out that mental ray could at least render the file without crashing.

I belive an artist must have a software which is much user friendly so that he can
concentrate towards his goal of the story more instead of facing the other technical stuff.
Ofcourse, when you are in this field you have to be technical with an artist.
Maya is doing a really good job in its place.

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Hey, There are many things that can be affecting this. Can you post your Mental Settings. Also what type of lights are you using and what is the show res for them and can you let me know what type of rendering your doing. is it batch or render view. If you are doing a batch and crashes it should tell you why.

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