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smooth proxy options?

Hi guys,

I am confused about how to set up the smooth proxy.

When I select the smooth proxy option there is an option to either keep or remove smmoth proxy shader.

So, if you select remove, then the low poly is always wireframe and the smooth mesh can be wireframe or shaded. In this mode you can never see the low poly in shaded mode.

If you select keep, then the low poly can be shaded but at the same time as the smooth mesh. Thus it does not appear that the low poly mesh can be selected in wireframe and the smooth mesh is in shaded mode.

What I'm looking for is to be able to work in the removed selection mode and be able to see the low poly mesh in shaded mode when desired.

Also, the smooth proxy stops updating if I delete history on the low poly model - is this correct.

Thanks for your help.


PS. I'm using Maya 5

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