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Joining two halves of a smooth proxy model. How?

I've designed a character with smooth proxy modeling, so I have my cage, and my smooth proxy, and their instanced mirrors that show what my complete model looks like. I want to complete my model and make it just one mesh. I don't know much about smooth proxy objects, and I don't understand whether the cage object is the "real" object, or if the smooth proxy inside it is. I am wondering if I am supposed to mirror the cage and join it and then smooth, or mirror the smooth proxy and join that.

Any help would be GREAT.

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Well to do so, just run Polygons>Combine. However, you will likely break the proxy connection in doing so. I recommend you combine all of your low res objects into one mesh, then Edit Polygons>Merge vertices to make sure your model is solid and doesn't have any gaps between the previously separate objects. Once you have a clean single low res model, you can then run the Smooth Proxy command.

I would then rig the low poly model so that you can hide the smooth one when working in Maya, but then hide the proxy,a dn show the smooth model when it comes time to render.

Hope this helps.

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