Introduction to Maya - Modeling Fundamentals Vol 2
This course will look in the fundamentals of modeling in Maya with an emphasis on creating good topology. It's aimed at people that have some modeling experience in Maya but are having trouble with complex objects.
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Any advice?

Hi, just wondering if anyone could offer me a bit of advice. I'm a recent Computer Science graduate from the UK and am very interested in moving into the animation and post-production industry. I am considering getting to grips with maya (no previous experience) and was wondering if anyone could give advice as to whether this is the direction I should be taking, what other skills I may need, whether it would be beneficial for me to take any kind of course etc. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Well. First I downloaded the demo for Cinema 4D. Then when I moved into maya it was a snap to learn. And Yes. You are on the right track!

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Originally posted by Peltra
First I downloaded the demo for Cinema 4D.

@ grad - I'd go straight into Maya (PLE or whatever) because the there's nothing harder than switching packages. I used to be ok in max but after using maya for so long i have trouble modelling more than a cube in max now.

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I agree...straight to maya!

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if you want to be a programmer for the industry, then Maya is the way to go .. more money and more demands for skilled programmers.

Ofcause Maya is harder to learn than other softwares, since its so huge and complicated, but do yourself a favoer and see if you can get a student version of Maya since the watermarks in PLE is going to make you go nuts !!

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Go for Maya and stay on it...that way you'll get the best

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I also vote for Maya.

Since I also graduated in computer science, (now I'm at postgraduate sudies in digital art, where I work in Maya), I found my knowlege of programming very usefull (mel, as scripting language and c++ for developing plugins...).


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I was in the exact same position 2 summers ago. I just did my Computer Science Degree and then had no idea what to do. So i did an MSc in Computer Animation at Bournemouth University and now I work for Framestore and I have two movei credits to my name user added image Check out: it's the best money you will ever spend if you want to get into this industry! People with your skills (c++ etc are in big demand) and if you have a years experience in maya from Bournemouth you can get very far very quickly! believe me!

Good Luck

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