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Extreme Newbie needs some questions answered....

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I am curious. I am the newbiest of all newbies, just got the software today, after saving for 3.5 years for it user added image

Now that my newest dedication will be this software, I have some extreme stupid newbie questions:

1) Language. It seems there are names for things, so is there a resource that can define or teach me what these things are? ie: vertices, nurbs, etc.
2) Rendering. Can I render a scene in different levels of qualities so I can view my work (at a lesser quality) sooner than a few days of render time? ie: quick render?
3) Overview. I am wondering if there is some resource that can help me understand each button/option in the UI. There are so many and I have no idea what each does.
4) Anyone live in the East Bay of the SF Bay Area? I will pay somebody for tutoring.

THANKS! I look foward to your responses....

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the F1 help files can help. It's essentially an electronic manual.

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1) The help files (F1 on your keyboard) will help you learn the language and terminology.

2) Yes, you can change the render quality of the scene. You can set different render settings in Render Globals. Look in the help files for more information on how to use it.

3) Again, look in the help files. They will explain what all the buttons do.

4) I live in Seattle, so I'm a bit too far away. user added image

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I think there is a free tutorial here that explains the UI and the basics.

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Thanks guys!

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