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In this course we're going to look at something a little different, creating technically accurate 3D printed parts.
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Mixing NURBS and polygons

Hello all,

I'm planning on trying my first scene in Maya. Before I start I would like to know if I should mix modeling with Polygons and NURBS objects on the same character. I want to make an character with Polygons but am planning on using a NURBS sphere to make the facebowl/helmet. Any advice?


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choosing nurbs or poly's is entirely up to the artist. Poly's are prolly the most widely used of the two.....but as I said before it's mostly preference. Try both and see which you like more user added image

And my opinion is yes Mix it up a little....that's a great way of finding out which your gonna gravitate towards user added image

Hope that helps:banana:

And Welcome to SM user added image

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Use whatever is easiest for you to get the job done user added image You'll find yourself mixing Nurbs and Polys as you get more involved in Maya. Personally I prefer Nurbs, but I always need to use Polys here and there in my scenes. Just the nature of the beast user added image


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So far experimenting with Maya has been very interesting. I haven't worked with polygon's much so I'm a little more familiar with NURBS. However I just watched the Hand Tutorial and the Simple Man tutorial and was amazed at how easy Kevin made it look. user added image I think I'm going to sit down and try the character out modeling off those two tuts.

Also I notices that may of the WIP pictures the characters all have a nifty silvered look to them. It really brings out the details with the models when properly lit. I was wondering how to make that skin so that when I'm ready to post my WIP I can give them that look.

Thanks for all your help guys. :banana:

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it's not anything different.. it's just the light settings that give that silvery look.. you can use a fake GI plug..
of make a light or two more and up the intensity abit.. but not on all the lights.. have a couple with quite low intensty and one with a higher value, it gives a nice effect.. :p

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Thanks! When I get ready to show my WIP I'll keep that in mind

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yep... try them all, On dans mech warrior tutorial he used poly / nurbs / sub div..the whole lot.. and it works great

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